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The Elysia Health Association supports health care professionals working out of the insights of anthroposophy.

Along with the Calyx Trust and the therapy centres,the Association holds the life and activity of Elysia Health.


Elysia Health was founded in 2015 to help make anthroposophical healthcare better known and more available in the UK. It aims to help bring about of a network or successful and effective therapeutic centres.

Registration of Practitioners

The Association publishes a public portal website called elysiahealth.org to make visible anthroposophical care, centres and practitioners. All centres and practitioners have to register with the Elysia Health Association, in order to appear on the public portal. Your inclusion in the public portal is at the discretion of the Elysia Health Association. You are eligible to register here if you are eligible to register with the Council for Anthroposophical Health and Social Care.

Please note

This is a members site for healthcare professionals that belong to the Elysia Health Association and some pages are password protected.